Kenana Knitters Safari Zebra

Kenana Knitters Safari Zebra

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Introducing the safari shelf collection from Kenana Knitters.

Kenana Knitters represents the talent and pride of over 250 rural Kenyan women who are paid fair trade wages for their handknit creations.

This ultra huggable safari zebra from Kenana Knitters has been hand made using African grown organic cotton. The natural yarn is dyed with non-toxic dyes and includes a little card telling the Kenana Knitter story whilst also giving the name of the knitter who created each gorgeous zebra.

Every purchase of a Kenana Knitter handmade product helps women in Africa with employment opportunities These incredibly creative safari shelf knitters are the perfect companion for your loved one to have by their side or propped up on a shelf looking over them.

Approx. 23cm tall (seated)

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