Kenana Knitter Shelf Safari Elephant

Kenana Knitter Shelf Safari Elephant

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These Safari Shelf critters are lovingly hand crafted by the Kenana Knitters in Kenya using homespun wool, naturally dyed with local plants and flowers.

Kenana Knitters was founded on the premise of "changing lives stitch by stitch”. The sale of these items helps women knit a brighter future through additional skills development offerings including IT courses and literacy classes. Kenana Knitters also invests in the overall welfare of the women by providing Family Planning and Health Clinics.

Each distinctive design is a hand-crafted Kenyan creation and bears the signature of the woman who made it. Each critter is unique with its own personality, size and design.

Natural wool
Acrylic filling

Small: approx. 23cm seated
Medium: approx. 30cm seated
Large: approx. 38cm seated

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