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Create Your Own Honeywrap Kit

Create Your Own Honeywrap Kit

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Perfect for children or adults alike, the Create Your Own Honeywrap kit will give you a chance to create and personalise your own beeswax wrap.

So grab yourself a kit and set your imagination to work on your own, customised wraps.
This kit is also a great present for anyone looking to integrate a more sustainable way of living into their everyday life.

The Create Your Own Honeywrap Kit contains:

1 x Wax block
1 x Mini grater
2 x Medium sized, plain certified organic cotton squares (unwaxed)
1 x Small size Honeywrap printed certified organic fabric (unwaxed)
3 x Non-toxic felt tip pens
1 x Paint brush
1 x Finished snack size Honeywrap (waxed)
1 x Instructions Baking paper required (not included)

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